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Excavator Rake

A XHD Excavator Rake built from SSAB Hardox 450. Designed for pulling out root stumps etc. Available from 2 ton - 45 ton. Tell us how many tines or how wide and we will send you a drawing with the quote

Excavator landscaping rake

Another HD Excavator Rake designed for Screening and removing stone from close to the surface. Built entirely from SSAB Hardox 450 or 500 in extreme applications. Let us know the width and gaps you require and we'll send a drawing and advice on the thickness tines required

Excavator Landscaping rake

Our most common HD Rake. Built from SSAB Hardox 450. Designed for clearing undergrowth, Brash and roots. More than capable of being used to rip out ground. As with all our rakes we offer a 3 yr warranty covering everything from bending, twisting and even premature wear. Let us know the gaps or width and we'll do the rest. 

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