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We offer a full CNC profile cutting Service using our ESAB Flame cutting machine for thicknesses  50mm to 250mm and our new Esprit Viper HD Plasma machine for 3-50mm.  We specialise in cutting specialist steels and hold stock of the following plates in thicknesses from 5mm - 100mm. We also offer a full in house drawing service using the latest 3D CAD software. alternatively you can upload a DWF/DXF file for us to quote on for you.  

CORTEN : Weather and corrosion resistant steel commonly used for offshore and marine 

SSAB Strenx : a high yeild steel used in the construction of Bridges, Crane & our attachments of course

SSAB Hardox 450 : A wear resistant steel with a hardness of 450Hb. 

SSAB Hardox 500  : A wear resistant steel most commonly used in the Jaws of crushers 

SSAB Hardox 500 Tuff :  Used in the manufacture of Dumper bodies and Skips

Raex400 : A Ruuki wear resistant steel now owned by SSAB with a hardness of 400Hb

Ruuki 500 : Similar to Hardox500 but not guaranteed hardness through entire thickness 

TATA RQT701  : A rolled, quenched and tempered Steel plate similar to Wedlox/Strenx700

S690QL1 : Another high yeild steel similar to TATA's RQT701

S355 : The lower end of the high yields.

S275 : We dont stock this plate but can buy it in for cutting 


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